The Kraftstoff Energiesparer Fuel Saver Patch is a flat 3” x 3” (6 cm x 6 cm) plastic patch with adhesive on the sides to attach to the fuel tank. The patch contains circuits that will reduce the size of the fuel clusters, thereby, improving the quality and combustion efficiency of the hydrocarbon fuel so it will burn more efficiently. Thus, fuel will be saved and in turn, money and wear & tear on the vehicle. The size of the fuel clusters are reduced by beneficial negative ions, Far Infra-Red (FIR) rays and scaler energy.

Advanced patented 9-layer nanotechnology with FIR rays, beneficial negative ions and scaler energy to individually trigger a series of specific changes at the molecular level within the fuel, and break fuel molecules into smaller clusters to achieve complete combustion, higher power & fuel savings while reducing carbon deposits.

  • Prevents pre-ignition, partly ionizes and hydrogenates the fuel.
  • Improves power & fuel efficiency, maximizes fuel economy, reduces polluting emissions & vibrations, and environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to install; you can do it yourself!
  • It’s hassle-free with no maintenance or extra costs.
  • Works just as efficiently with electrical or electronic systems (hybrid).
  • It’s so durable that it may outlive your car!
  • Very wise and safe investment!

Testing of Kraftstoff Energiesparer Fuel Saver Patch has been performed by SIRIM QAS International and is certified by the organization for Dynamometer Testing. Also, the we have obtained a certification from TUV NORD (M) Sdn Bhd. Currently, an Underwriters’ Laboratory test is in process and the Fuel Saver Patch will have a UL certification soon.

Whether you live in a hot climate or a diverse climate with harsh winters, the Kraftstoff Energiesparer Fuel Saver Patch will work to reduce your fuel usage. Fuel savings is crucial in today’s world because of the environmental impact from vehicle usage will be reduced, and the economy, overall, will improve because people will have more money to spend since they are saving on fuel costs!