How To Increase MPG On A Vehicle?

How to Increase MPG On A Vehicle?

Do you want to learn how to increase mpg and how to save on gas? The Kraftstoff Energiesparer Fuel Saver Patch is the answer. The Patch is now available in the United States and Europe! It has been utilized in Asia and Australia over the past two years with much success! The Patch was designed using patented 9-layer nanotechnology from Germany as well as Far infra-red (FIR) rays, negative ions and scalar energy to break down fuel clusters. The fuel molecules will completely combust and achieve higher power & fuel savings!

The Patch is a reliable fuel saver device that will improve fuel economy so your car will run cleanly and smoothly with less needed maintenance. The routine maintenance such as oil changes and air filter changes are important to do at required intervals, but some major maintenance projects such as fuel injector, exhaust system or spark plug replacement may be extended before they need to be done. When you want to increase gas mileage, installing the Fuel Savings Patch is the most reliable and cost-effective method available.

  • The Kraftstoff Energiesparer Fuel Savings Patch prevents pre-ignition and partly hydrogenates the fuel. Therefore, using the patch will improve fuel economy and improve fuel efficiency. Pre-ignition refers to the spark that causes a reaction with the air/fuel combustion in the engine that starts off incorrectly. Hydrogenate means to undergo a reaction with hydrogen and form hydrocarbons.
  • Driving at least 5 miles between start cycles to fully recharge the battery will improve fuel economy! How to increase mpg (km/L) is an important issue for people all over the world, and idle reduction is a proven method to save money.There are toolkits available to help save fuel with idling:
  • In most cases, using cruise control on the highway will help you maintain a constant speed and improve gas mileage. Most cars today have cruise control as a device to ease a person’s driving time and also it is how to save money on gas. Cruise control should be used whenever possible to improve fuel economy.
  • Hybrid vehicles are very popular throughout the world. If you own a Hybrid, it will help you to increase gas mileage and save money. Hybrids run on both gasoline and electricity. They have gas engines and electronic motors that work together to improve fuel economy. Hybrid cars have an automatic start and shut-off system which saves fuel. There are tax incentives available for owners of Hybrid vehicles.
  • Electric vehicles are the best mode of transportation to save money on gas and to eliminate your carbon footprint from fossil fuel car emissions! The new electric cars run on a lithium-ion battery and never need a drop of gas or oil. The owner plugs in the vehicle to an electric port to recharge the battery. Therefore, electric cars are an ideal solution for how to improve fuel economy around the world!
  • Maintaining your vehicle to the manufactures’ recommendations will definitely increase fuel economy and save fuel costs. Regular maintenance such as changing the air filter and oil will also help increase gas mileage. When the air filter is full of dust and dirt it will not work effectively since it requires more work to get air through, and therefore, it will consume more gas.

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