The Kraftstoff Energiesparer Fuel Saver Patch for immediate fuel savings is easy to install and requires no maintenance. You can install the patch yourself to the base of the fuel tank or have an auto service mechanic install it.

The size of the fuel tank matters! If it is more than 14 gal (~50 L), two patches are preferable to see the most fuel savings. One patch is sufficient for smaller tanks. For Semi-trucks and large haul vehicles, the patch number will increase. For large residential or commercial fuel oil tanks, the number of patches will depend on the tank size. The Fuel Saver Patch can last up to 5 years with typical vehicle or heating tank usage.

The ease of installation and the results you will get by using the Kraftstoff Energiesparer Fuel Saver Patch(s) will make it a very wise investment with a quick return!

If you are an owner of any type of vehicle or a fuel oil heating tank,mileage-savings-toyota-prius you can take advantage of this product. Our clients have seen results for both vehicles that operate with either gas or diesel. One satisfied client installed a patch on his hybrid Toyota Prius, and he saw a savings of 10% to 11% when operating his Prius on the gas mode.

You can purchase the Kraftstoff Energiesparer Energiesparer Fuel Saver Patch thru our website Shopping Cart and pay thru a PayPal’s secure site.