FUEL COST – with a Fuel Saver Patch

We are pleased to introduce a breakthrough product that our company has the exclusive rights to bring to the United States’ market. Foremost in our consideration for pushing this product is the cost of gas that consumers pay for traveling throughout the year for business, vacations, personal and other reasons. As the gas prices increase, the Kraftstoff Energiesparer Fuel Saver Patch will provide savings for the consumers that purchase and use the product.

The Kraftstoff Energiesparer Fuel Savings Patch can also be installed to fuel oil tanks used for heating to conserve the fuel being burned. The number of patches that are needed will depend on the capacity of the car’s fuel tank or the heating fuel oil tank. The patches are easy to install and are attached directly to the fuel tank. A driver will see fuel savings whether city driving or commuting long distances on a daily basis.

The Kraftstoff Energiesparer Fuel Saver Patch was designed using state-of-the-art technology developed in Germany. The patches are an effective and efficient way to save money on fuel costs. Most types of fuel consuming vehicles, including cars, trucks, semi-trucks, boats and motorcycles, can take advantage of the savings by using the Fuel Savings Patch from Efficiency Experts, LLC.dollar-car

Currently, gas prices have decreased around the world. However, don’t forget the time when the price per gallon in the United States at the gas stations was over $3.50 and much more in many countries around the world. The lower price will likely start to increase and fluctuate as it did in the past. Below is a Comparison Chart for the last 48 months of the gas price in the United States (Refer to the website
Camparision Chart for the last 48 months of the gas price in the United States

How to increase gas mileage




  • 8% – 15% Fuel Savings on mileage per gallon or liter…
  • Increased Acceleration
  • Reduction in AC drag
  • 40% less CO emission
  • Less exhaust smoke
  • Increase engine life by cleaning out carbon deposit
  • 30% increase in life of catalytic converter exhaust system
  • A smoother running system
  • With high ROI…

Case Study: Assume that an average person travels 13,000 miles per year. The car produces 25 miles per gallon. This will require 520 gallons per year to operate the vehicle. When the Fuel Saver Patch(s) is installed and if we assume the increase in miles per gallon will be 11.5% (average between 8% to 15%), the car will perform at 27.875 miles per gallon so the total savings will be 53.63 gallons in one year.

Potential Savings \ Gas Price $2.50 $2.75 $3.00 $3.25 $3.50
Monetary Savings Per Year $134.08 $147.49 $160.90 $174.30 $187.71
Savings in 5.0 Years $670.40 $737.44 $804.48 $871.52 $938.57
Savings in 7.5 Years $1,005.61 $1,106.17 $1,206.73 $1,307.29 $1,407.85
Savings in 10 Years $1,340.81 $1,474.89 $1,608.97 $1,743.05 $1,877.13